You’ve arrived here

Hello and thank you for coming. This is the website where I have some things about me. If you’re looking for any other Dixe Wills, you’ve come to the wrong parallel universe.

The chances are, you’re here because you’ve heard about my latest book, Tiny Stations, which looks like this:

The microscopic cat is called Keith.

The microscopic cat is called Keith.

It was published in posh hardback form by AA Publishing in April 2014 and even The Spectator liked it. You can score yourself a copy here if you like (it’s a fiver off and cheaper than tax-avoiding Amazon).

If you’re looking for my other books with the word tiny in them, you need do nothing more than click the tabs above. For news on previous books: The Z-Z of Great Britain, Places to Hide, New World Order/Wills Weltordnung or The Armchair Naturalist (soon to be available in simplified character Chinese too, if you’re a fan of that sort of thing), you’ll have to consult the rest of the internet, to which I have outsourced such things.

If you’d like to contact me about anything (by which I mean only nice things like plaudits, encomia, or offers of money for which I have to do the minimum of work), my e-mail address is in the Self section.

6 thoughts on “You’ve arrived here

  1. Just met your mother on the train from Liverpool street today. What a nice lady. She showed me yourbook and I will definitely get a copy.

    • Ah, how nice – my mother is indeed a nice lady – one only hopes such traits turn out to be genetic. I hope you enjoy Tiny Stations when you come into possession of a copy. All the best, Dixe

  2. Just stumbled across you latest Dixe.
    I have decided to treat myself to a copy for my birthday.
    Seen the comments and some pickies. Just what I want to read !!

    Many thanks

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