Looe Island, Cornwall

A friend and I, walking a Cornish section of the South-West Coast Path last month, inadvertently found ourselves camping near Looe (aka St George’s) Island – home for forty years to the extraordinarily unflappable Atkins sisters. Here it is in all its a-little-after-dawn glory. I’ll be visiting the puckish little isle this summer when, if all goes well, it should have warmed up to the point where tents won’t have to be defrosted before they can be returned to their bags.

Unlike most tiny islands, this one stretches to its own website, so pop along here for a preview peek.

2 thoughts on “Looe Island, Cornwall

    • Hi Michael,

      It’s all explained if you click on the ‘Busorama’ tab. I completed the trip (it took six-and-a-half weeks) but there was a bit of a mess up over the book deal. You can read more about the trip on the Guardian website though starting here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/dixewills?page=6

      Sorry to leave you hanging in suspense.



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