Tiny Campsites

Man blinded by sun shoots himself in head

Hurrah and that. Such was the bestsellingity of the first two editions of Tiny Campsites, that a third will be on its way in spring 2017 – I’m even now researching it, pounding the roads of Britain on my Raleigh Winner.

For the time being, here’s a pic of the second edition, which sold out some time ago so good luck getting one cheaply on t’interwebs.

It’s still got its own website though, which is nice.

This is what the publishers say about Tiny Campsites 2, and they wouldn’t lie to you:

“Building on the success of the best-selling Tiny Campsites guidebook, Dixe Wills presents a fully updated, second edition of the hugely popular guide. This beautiful book uncovers 75 of the UK’s best small campsites, each an acre or under in size. Find in-depth reviews, hundreds of photographs, plus a quick reference guide to the best places for kids, spectacular walks, tents only, stunning views and watersports. Brand new camping gems for this edition include: a quiet site on a remote Scottish island, a secluded site on the grounds of a Welsh riding centre, and two superb new Cornish sites, one of which overlooks the dramatic coastline of Land’s End. With additional info on the most spectacular walks in the UK (complete with campsite recommendations), plus the best campsites for cyclists, this is the must-have guide to unlocking Britain’s unseen, unspoilt and untouched landscapes from the comfort of your perfect petite pitch.”

Dans le meantime, those of a nostalgic bent may gaze on the cover of the first edition, brought out at a time when grass was still nationalised and if a gentleman wished to own a tent he had to make one out of his own skin.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Campsites

  1. Hello,
    where can i buy the tiny campsites book?
    ( i get an error when i try it on the website tinycampsites ….. )


    • Hi Joachim,

      I’m very sorry but I’ve only just seen your comment, over a year after you made it. The third edition of Tiny Campsites came out on 1st April 2017 and is available pretty much everywhere. It’s published by the AA.

      All the best


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