Ahoy there

Thanks for coming.

Press pic - Dixe Wills (credit- Erin Marie Clark) lower res

I used to have something brilliant and witty to welcome readers with but I deleted it by accident and then lost the will to carry on.

Instead, you’ve got this.

Erm, hello.

You may know me from C4’s Paul Merton’s Secret Stations, the series inspired by my book Tiny Stations, or from BBC2’s Britain Goes Camping, or from my Guardian travel articles, or from my books. Or, of course, you might have come here because you misspelt the name of the Dixie Chicks and have no idea who I am (well done for reading this far though).

Whichever is the case, thank you for coming. You can hit the tabs above for info on three of my books. For the other 11 (or indeed, for those three except, I think, Tiny Stations), head over to my bookshop here.

And that’s about it, I suppose. Not much to show for a life at least half lived.

Play nicely.


9 thoughts on “Ahoy there

  1. Wow – lovely photos! Campbell’s Platform gives every impression of being in a model railway (as does Penhelig), and Conwy looks like one of those little towns you see in the curves of the track. Beasdale and Dunrobin Castle both look quite inviting – the kind of places where you’d feel happy enough to peg out a tent – and Lochailort looks great too.

    The Strategic Rail Authority release statistics every year showing which stations in the UK are the most and least-used. In 3rd place this year was Tees-side Airport (located nowhere near Durham Airport), 2nd place was Coombe Junction Halt, and 1st was your very own Shippea Hill! The unfortunate driver who was involved in the carrots incident did not die in vain, then.

    I realise that you may not want to do this, but you mentioned in Tiny Stations that ‘I took a small video of my physical state after leaving Loch Dhu’. Is their any chance that we could see it? Please?

  2. Hey – thanks for that! Great photos.

    We were watching Le Merton last week and wondered whether he’d pinched your idea when suddenly there you were! What a treat!

    Glad to see Penychain made it to the list. I chuckled to remember your linguistic blushes at the unintended mispronunciation when we were flogging magazine subs at Sprung Hovis all those years ago! tee-hee…

    Are you being hunted yet? We have a shed with no wifi or phone signal if you need it!

    Go well,

    Caroline x

    • Ah yes, the thrilling episode at Penychain does indeed make the book, so now everyone knows how poor my Welsh both was (and regrettably still is).

      Not hunted, sadly. Story of my life.


  3. Hi Dixe. I reckon that, having sampled cloudy cider for yourself, you may be on to something. This was noticed by the Private Eye (enlightening as ever).

    Article in the Guardian: “Why is the Olympic diving pool green? The good news is it’s not urine”

    Accompanying advert:

    “Thatchers Haze: what cloudy cider’s supposed to taste like”

    I kid thee not.

  4. Hi Dixe

    Just read Tiny Stations and enjoyed it so much that I’m breaking the habit of a lifetime by posting some feedback. I’m a bit of a train nerd deep inside. My daughter bought your book for me for Christmas – she found it in a charity shop (will that please or offend you? I’m not sure). Anyway, it was a great find: the amble around the British countryside was just the tonic I needed for a dark and rainy week in January. Thanks

    • Hi Pippa,

      How kind of you to take the trouble to track me down and respond. I’m very pleased you enjoyed the book. Naturally, although charity shop sales will never keep me in ocean-going yachts, there is a sense that you’ve only arrived as an author when you’ve sold enough books for people to start getting rid of them, so it’s good for the amour propre. Hoping your January improves.

      All the best,


  5. I’m absolutely loving Tiny Stations. Your wonderful descriptions and detail, laced with your easy humour, makes the book such a great read.
    I’ve stopped at a few request stations on travels for work (not just for fun) which is why the book caught my attention. Now of course I’ve got plans to go gallivanting further!

    • Very glad you’re enjoying the book, Steve. Definitely worth trying out the stations in person – I certainly had a great time researching the book. All the best, Dixe

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